3 Key Reasons Why Every Household Must Use Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash

We all know that we should wash fruits, vegetables and all other raw produce properly before consumption. But as there are various types of contaminations caused by germs and toxic chemicals, a normal wash won’t be a healthier option.

Hyge Veg and Fru Organo Wash is an organic vegetable wash cleaner and here are the following 3 key reasons why it should be used by every household.

100% Organic & Toxin Free VegFru Wash Liquid

Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash is clinically tested to be safe for vegetables and fruits. Since some microorganisms on your food products like E. Coli can cause serious food poisoning, it is important to thoroughly clean the produce before you consume them.

But a cleaning product which uses chemicals to kill the microorganisms may still damage the fruit or vegetable and still cause several health problems(even carcinogenic Cancer) in the long term because of regular consumption of toxic chemicals.

This is the reason why we have created a product that is made of 100% food-grade ingredients, free of toxins and harmful chemicals in order to help you safely wash food and get rid of disease-carrying microorganisms and chemicals.

Prevent Flu Virus & Germs

Food is one of the sources through which disease-causing micro-organisms can enter our body. Contaminated food can cause long term and short term illnesses.

The fruits and vegetables you bring home are likely to have passed through a lot of hands and got infected before it reached you.

In addition to this, the produce would have dirt, and debris of insects, bird droppings, and even pebbles, which may harbor germs that contaminate your food. When you wash your fruits and vegetables using Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash, it kills 99.99% of flu virus, bacteria and fungus.

Hence, you reduce the risks of food-borne illnesses in your home making sure safe and hygienic food reaches the dinner table.

Get rid of wax and chemicals

A lot of vegetable and fruit sellers use a layer of wax to increase the shelf life and artificial colors to make it look appealing.

Your green groceries may also be laced with insecticides and pesticides, which can harm your body. Washing the fruits and vegetables in only water does not clean wax or chemicals used on them.

Hyge Veg & Fru Organo wash is made of food-grade ingredients, which helps in easily removing the waxy layer, artificial colors and other toxic chemicals from the fruits and vegetables.

It can be used on very porous as well as less porous fruits and vegetables, including those that are consumed without peeling like different types of berries.

Alongwith above reasons, we should keep it in mind to use running water at normal temperature to wash the fruits and veggies with the Hyge Veg & Fru Organo wash.

Fruits and veggies may not last long if they are washed under hot water.

At the same time, clean and sanitize the surface where the food will be cleaned, stored, and cut.

Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash helps you reduce risks of food contamination and falling sick because of food-borne diseases by killing 99.9% of germs. In addition to green groceries, it can also be used on pulses, milk packets and other food packets.

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