A Scientific Approach To Deal With Public Toilets

Having to attend nature’s call in a public space is one of the worst things that could happen to you. Those dark, dirty, dingy toilets; that underwhelming odor; millions of germs hovering at the toilet set; all make you say... Yes, we heard you (EWW).

So what do we do to encounter those toilets? How do we deal with the disease-causing bacteria? Well, science has a solution, and we couldn’t help but be thankful for their discovery. Before we reveal the hygienic ways to use public restrooms, here are some methods of using the toilet that scientists mock:

Hovering on the toilet seat

Having to perform the squat is one of the most common methods that people use when they don’t want to touch the toilet seat. But hovering for a long time can tense up your muscles that can affect your bladder in the long run. So do you still want to do that five-minute squat? Think about it.

Using toilet paper as a seat cover

This method might be the best to invite more germs to the toilet seat, thereby getting more exposed to the diseases that those germs bring along. Scientists say that when you place too many toilet papers on the toilet seat, the surface area for the germs to rest increases. This happens because the toilet paper has a rough surface, which makes it absorb any liquid present on the seat, making room for germs in large numbers. So if you think you are safe by using toilet papers as seat covers, you have the answer.

So what should you do?

In order to stay yards away from germs and have a safe toilet experience, science has brought to us toilet seat sanitizers. Loaded with germ killing properties, these sanitizers are the new age tool to keep germs at bay and experience convenience in public restrooms.

A toilet seat sanitizer spray is a disinfectant spray that comes with powerful germ-killing properties. The spray’s composition includes the presence of Iso-Propyl alcohol and Benzalkonium chloride which kills germs in an instant.

The fast action formula of the spray kills 99.99% of the germs in a matter of seconds. Here’s how the toilet seat sanitizer spray works:

Shake the bottle and spray it all over the toilet seat. You can also use it to disinfect the faucets, the flush handles, and the doorknob as well.

Wait for the sprayed formula to dry up. The sprayed liquid not only kills the germs present on the toilet seat but also creates a protective layer on the seat. This layer avoids your skin to come in contact with the germs. The sprayed formula takes seconds to dry up, after which you can use the seat without any worries.

One more thing…

After you have used the toilet seat, always flush with the lid of the commode closed. The closed lid will prevent the germs present in the “stuff” hover in the air as you flush. So remember to flush with the lid closed. This will prevent the spread of germs and will be convenient for the next person who enters the washroom.


Science has finally managed to solve this hygienic trauma that we used to face all the time. Having access to clean toilets is no longer a long lost dream. So no need to use the toilet seat covers, and no need to squat; as you have the right travel and hygiene partner with you! The sanitizers are in huge demand currently. So buy the best washroom sanitizer spray before the stock runs out!

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