Facts About Toilet Seat Disinfectant Spray

With the need for better personal hygiene being promoted in rural as well as urban areas, people are becoming more aware. This very awareness among people has initiated the promotion and the sale of products that actually help them to maintain good personal hygiene. We are talking about your visits to the public toilets. It is a case of an emergency that causes you to make a visit to those dirty public restrooms when you seriously need to empty your bladder. That visit is followed by a gross experience of using that very dirty and dingy toilet, with millions of germs and bacteria resting on it.

What do you do in that case? Do you perform that five-minute squat? Or do you use water or toilet paper to clean the seat with? Well, while you do all of that, we must tell you that it’s not really effective. It’s just a peace of mind that has somehow suppressed the paranoia that you were earlier having. But did you know that there is a safer way to answer the call of nature in the same dirty, dingy toilet? The agent that has come to our rescue is a toilet seat sanitizer spray.

What is a toilet seat sanitizer spray?

A toilet sanitizer spray is a disinfectant spray that kills the germs instantly with its fast action formula, making it ready for use within a matter of seconds! Here are some key factors that make a toilet seat sanitizer spray effective:

  1. Composition

A toilet disinfectant spray is composed of two main chemicals, Iso Propyl Alcohol and Benzalkonium Chloride which kill germs almost instantly. When you spray the liquid on the seat, the chemicals act harsh on the germs and the bacteria, destroying them completely.

  1. Antibacterial spray

The antibacterial disinfectant spray leaves no residue when sprayed and dries up quickly. There is no intense cleaning required, as the spray does its job in less than 10 seconds. Also, the sprayed liquid eliminates any foul smell that was dominating the toilet.

  1. User-friendly

The toilet disinfectant spray is designed in such a manner that while they act harsh on the germs and bacteria, they are equally soft on the human skin, and cause no harm to it.

  1. Multifaceted use

The toilet sanitizer sprays are multifaceted in the sense that they are not just sprayed on the toilet seat. Anything that you think you are likely to touch while using the toilet, for example, the doorknob, the faucets, or the flush handle, the spray will be equally effective on those elements.

  1. Easy to use

Using a toilet disinfectant spray is no rocket science. Just shake the bottle, spray it on the toilet seat, faucets, flush handle, and the doorknobs, and wait for the formula to start acting. Once the formula dries up, the seat is ready to use. You just have to wait for a couple of seconds to experience convenience and safety as you use the toilet.


Hygiene and sanitation have become the need of the hour, to have diseases like UTI at bay, and to have a safe and comfortable toilet experience. So if you want to avoid those dangerous germs and bacteria in a public restroom, use toilet seat sanitizers and thereby reduce the risk of those possible diseases.

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