Have A Hygienic Journey With Hyge

Have A Hygienic Journey with Hyge

Proper hygiene and sanitation are the prerequisites of good health. When you are on a journey, a road trip for example, you usually stop at every gas station you find to relieve yourself from the obvious pressure on your bladder. But as many people visit those toilets, the toilets obviously would lack quality. Women especially hesitate while using a public restroom and end up controlling the pressure, creating room for other problems.

So to face the unavoidable circumstance, you need something to protect you from germs and allow you to have a safe experience in those public toilets. Hyge toilet seat sanitizer is your ultimate travel partner that helps you to have a safe toilet experience, free of germs and bacteria, leaving absolutely no room for diseases like the UTI. The spray comes with a composition of Iso Propyl Alcohol and Benzalkonium Chloride that kill 99.99% germs as soon as you spray it on the seat.

How to use the sanitizer

The toilet seat sanitizer spray is a fast action formula and doesn’t take much time to provide you a toilet free of germs. Just shake the bottle, and spray it all over the seat, the flush handle, the faucets and doorknob. Wait for 5 seconds so that the formula evaporates without leaving any residue, and your toilet seat is ready to use!

The Hyge toilet seat sanitizer can be used in restrooms at airports, railway station, or any public space wanting cleanliness. The sprayed formula creates a protective layer on the toilet seat and other areas that prevent you to have direct contact with the seat. The spray is not only travel-friendly but also is weightless and can fit your pocket easily.


The seat sanitizer is quite affordable and is perfect to use outdoors. So no more squatting and putting multiple layers of toilet paper, when you have Hyge toilet seat sanitizer by your side. Quick and effective, Hyge is all you need for a hygienic journey. So buy Hyge sanitizer and have a toilet experience like never before.

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