The Latest Trends In Toilet Seat Disinfectant Spray

The hygiene industry in India is facing a rising graph due to awareness for better hygiene. In a country where unclean toilets dominate public spaces, infection and diseases like UTI are a common occurrence. Though these diseases can be cured with antibiotics, a sheer ignorance of the same can have grave consequences to a person’s health.

There has been a huge shift in the way people take hygiene and that shift has accelerated the market for sanitation. Attending the nature’s call in a public place is a nightmare because you know what condition the toilets would be in. Coming in contact with those disease-causing bacteria is probably the last thing that you would want to do.

Therefore, companies came up with ideas of making the trip to the toilet safe and convenient. They invented toilet sanitizer sprays.

What is a toilet sanitizer spray?

Unlike tissue papers which are both understated and unreliable when it comes to cleaning the toilet seat, toilet seat sanitizers don’t require you to touch the toilet seat at all. A toilet seat sanitizer is a disinfectant that kills the bacteria present on a toilet seat when sprayed. Its fast action formula forms a protective layer on the toilet seat so that the germs don’t come in contact with your skin.

The formula consists of Iso Propyl Alcohol that kills 99.99% germs within seconds. Since not all people can perform the miraculous five minute squat over the toilet seat, and toilet seat covers invite more germs than they are intended to avoid, toilet seat sanitizers are feasible and reliable options to disinfect a toilet seat.

So basically, the toilet seat disinfectant spray is a savior in the dark.

Personal hygiene trends in India

  • By the year 2025, the Indian Hygiene industry is expected to reach a market of USD 3.5 billion dollars, primarily due to the increasing demand for hygiene products. Personal hygiene being a major contributing factor in the rising graph, the hygiene trends continue to rise, with the introduction of products like the toilet seat disinfectant spray.
  • The significant improvement in literacy rates, increased consciousness among people towards personal hygiene and more focus on consumer safety have triggered the market for personal hygiene, which exhibits an excellent scope for growth. The hygiene products are not only directed towards female hygiene but are also focus on treating male hygiene with equal importance.
  • Since the disposable income of the country is rising, new products are being invented to ease the hardships that people used to face regarding personal hygiene. Since people cannot carry toilet cleaners everywhere, a more effective and user-friendly method that came out to be a dark horse was the toilet seat disinfectant spray. Shining with qualities like lightweight, effective and affordable, this efficient product has and continues to win hearts.


It is quite apparent that people are slowly becoming aware as to how important it is to maintain a good personal hygiene. To keep the bacteria and germs at bay, a toilet seat disinfectant spray is essential. So keep a toilet seat sanitizer spray handy for those emergencies, without having to worry about the conditions of the toilets.

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