The Least Disgusting Way To Use A Public Restroom

If we tell you that the toilet seat is the cleanest spot in the public toilet, you would probably chuckle. But you know what, that’s actually the truth. Well, that’s not something that we vouch on, but it is what experts say. According to the experts, toilet seats are the least dirty component in the restroom. You know what the dirtiest thing in the toilet is? The sanitary bin.

So when you have to actually live the nightmare of visiting a public washroom, you need to be cautious to come out as a winner. After a lot of research, experts have come out to present the following tips for a safe and convenient trip to the toilet:

Make use of the paper towels

Don’t even think of using those paper towels as seat covers. Instead of placing them on the toilet seat, use them, to touch the other infected areas in the toilet, such as the faucets, flush handles, and the doorknob. Use the paper towels to avoid any germ contact while you flush, turn the doorknob or use the faucet to wash your hands. Don’t use the paper towels as seat covers. Use an Indian toilet seat sanitizer spray instead.

Do not forget to flush

If you see a person coming out of the toilet right when you’re about to enter, know that the person must have recently pressed the flush button. That means that the germs would still be hovering in the air. So first, close the lid and flush and then use the toilet seat. After you’re done, close the lid and flush again. Don’t let the germs attack you.

No squatting

Perform the glorious squat for five good minutes is actually worse than sitting on the toilet seat. The squat can tense up your muscles which in turn affect your bladder later in time. So it is better to sit on the seat rather than sitting on an invisible chair for a long time.

Take care of your belongings

Never, we say, never put your belongings on the floor while you enter the toilet. As you put your phone, your purse or anything else on the floor to be free while you use the toilet, those things become the immediate carriers of bacteria. These things take bacteria and spread it to wherever you place them next. So experts recommend that you hang your bags on the hook on the back of the door so that it at least doesn’t touch the floor.

Disinfect the toilet before use

One of the most important things to do the moment you enter the toilet is disinfecting the whole place before you use it. Use an Indian toilet seat sanitizer spray to disinfect the toilet seat, the faucets, the doorknob, and the flush handle. So buy the best toilet spray and keep the disease-causing germs at bay.

Wash your hands

This is the basic thing after you use the toilet. But here’s the important part: wash your hands longer than usual. Use the liquid soap and sing the poem Johhny Johhny twice to pass those 20 seconds of hand-washing.


Now that you have everything at your disposal, visit the public restroom without feeling disgusted. Invest in a toilet sanitizer spray for a safe visit to the toilet and come out victorious!

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