Tips For Keeping School Restrooms Clean

It is a fact that a sense of discomfort runs through the body whenever you have to go to school restroom. Sometimes it is not clean enough for you to use it, making your visit to the washroom an unhygienic experience.

Restrooms in schools are used by hundreds of students in a day. Each visit to the washroom brings more and more bacteria, making it unsafe as the day closes. Some of the bacteria are very harmful to the body and can make you suffer, with diseases like the Urinary Tract Infections. Hence, to make sure that you stay safe and protected from such dangerous germs and bacteria, it is best to make sure that the toilet is hygienic and convenient to use.

Here are few tips to keep the restrooms in school clean –

  1. It is important that each child is educated about the pros and cons of keeping toilets clean, which is for their own good. They need to be educated about the diseases that persist if the washrooms are kept dirty. They must be encouraged to press the flush handle every time they use the toilet, thus reducing the germ contact that the other person who uses it will face.
  2. There should be a professional cleaner available in the washroom throughout the day, to clean the washroom after every visit. With this, the washroom remains safe and convenient to use. The germ count decreases to a considerable extent with continuous cleaning and hence the threat for diseases almost vanishes.
  3. The washrooms must have adequate supplies of toilet papers, liquid soaps, sanitizers and water for the students to have a germ-free toilet experience. These supplies are necessary for every toilet and are the handy means that the students can use to clean the toilet every time they make a visit.
  4. The students must carry a toilet seat sanitizer spray with them, to fight the disease-causing bacteria. A toilet sanitizer spray is a disinfectant spray that kills germs almost instantly. Its fast action formula makes the toilet seat ready to use when sprayed. The toilet cleaner spray is easy to use as all one needs to do is shake the bottle, spray it on the toilet seat, wait for the formula to dry up and then use the seat.


It is important to educate the children about the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene so that they can stay away from diseases, and take lesser sick leaves. So if you are a parent, teacher, counselor, or a grown-up student, then follow these tips yourself and educate your staff and your peers about it.

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