Toilet Sanitizer - The Fastest Method For Germ-Free Skin

Toilet Sanitizer - The Fastest Method for Germ-Free Skin

Do you feel a knot in your stomach every time you think of using a public toilet?

Do you feel unsafe while using a public toilet?

Statistics reveal that every year, more than 10 million cases of UTI are reported in India.  A Urinary Tract Infection, commonly known as UTI is a consequence of poor hygiene. Both men and women experience UTI sometime in their lives, in which the urinary system gets infected, mostly in the bladder and the urethra. However, women have a higher risk of UTI than men do.

Due to such unsafe and unhygienic toilet conditions prevailing for such a long time now, a variety of toilet seat sanitizers available in India have made toilet experiences safer and convenient. But many people don’t know what a toilet seat sanitizer is.

What is a toilet seat sanitizer?

A toilet seat sanitizer is a sanitizer spray specially designed for a germ-free toilet experience. When one goes to a public toilet, a lot of people would have used it already; creating a room for a germ spree. What to do? Even if you pour water over the toilet seat, the germs somehow persist, increasing the risk of UTI.

Its “shake-spray-wait-use” formula is already winning hearts. In order to use the toilet safely, all one needs to do is shake and spray the disinfectant, wait for 5 seconds, and use the toilet without any worries. Toilet seat sanitizers are made up of special chemicals like Iso Propyl Alcohol and Benzalkonium Chloride that are strong sanitizing agents. When you spray the sanitizer over the toilet seat, the formula creates a protective layer on the seat, cutting you from any germ contact. Wait for five seconds or more for the spray to dry out, and the toilet seat is ready to use!

You can use it anywhere, from airports to colleges, from your home to restaurants, from hospitals to cinema halls, from pubs to railway stations. It is user-friendly and doesn’t require any comprehensive user guide; because it’s as simple to use as a hand sanitizer!

Look out for the benefits of toilet seat sanitizers that are surely going to surprise you:

  • Gives 99.99% protection from germs.
  • Its fast acting formula makes it ready to use within seconds.
  • You won’t twitch your nose anymore because it has a pleasant smell.
  • The size of a deodorant, it is quite easy to carry.
  • It leaves no residual after being sprayed.

With a rising need and demand for safer toilets, there are a lot of toilet seat sanitizers available in India, in affordable prices. So make a healthy move and buy a toilet seat sanitizer today!

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