Top 3 Common hygiene mistakes while washing meat, fish and chicken that badly impact your health!

Non-veg foods are lovely, not just for us but also for other pathogens. Hence it's very important to wash meat, fish and chicken in the best hygienic manner to kill and remove those germs.

But are your current habits of washing meat, fish and chicken really hygienic?

Here’s a list of the top three bad habbits for meat wash, Fish Wash or any other non-veg wash that are causing more harm, and you must change immediately.

1. Washing Meat, Fish and Chicken with just Water

Washing away the pathogens, disease-causing microorganisms is a very hygiene habit. Do you wash your meat and fish adequately before cooking?

You Don’t!

Beware, meat and fish can easily attract fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Hence, merely washing isn’t enough. When you wash fish and meat, the pathogens sticking to them spread to the washing area and infect the other items, which eventually increases the risk of you getting infected by these pathogens.

What one really requires in such a condition is - kill the pathogens than merely shifting them from one place to another. Using Hyge Meat & Fish Organo Wash, a natural antimicrobial cleanser, one can kill these pathogens and prevent their spreading to other surfaces.

2. Using Soap to Clean Meat, Fish and Chicken

Using soap for cleaning and sanitizing may seem a great option; however, more often than not, the soap residues are left behind in the curves. This can severely impact your health as the chemicals of detergents and soaps etc., are very unhealthy and dangerous for consumption.

At times, these may be responsible for sickness, food poisoning, and even cancer. It is thus highly recommended to stop this method of sanitizing food products.

You can use Hyge Meat & Fish Organo Wash for efficiently and effectively cleaning these without compromising your health.

It easily gets rid of the pathogens from the meat surface. Also, it retains the essential food properties of meat, fish, chicken, etc., which get lost upon using soap.

3. Expecting Heat of Cooking to Kill the Pathogens

Most of the people believe that cooking food can destroy the pathogens and make them ineffective.

The recent studies prove this as absolutely false. Many deadly pathogens can survive extreme heat conditions. Having such contaminated food can have a deteriorating effect on your body.

Thus, cooking the food cannot protect you from diseases.

You can avoid getting sick by eating healthy food. It would not require you more than ten minutes to efficiently clean the meat and fish with the Hyge Meat and Fish Organo Wash. Just follow a few simple steps, and you get assured hygienic food to relish.

Change your hygiene habits today to make them hygienic scientifically.

Hyge provides quality hygiene products. Hyge Meat and Fish Organo Wash can be trusted for its high quality as well as effective and efficient cleaning of the food products.

It is suggested to use running water of normal temperature along with this product. This product effectively kills 99.99% of germs and promises the safety of your health.

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