Using Tissue Papers On Public Toilet Seats? It's Not Safe For Your Health- Here Is Why.

Let’s be honest, girls. How many times it has happened - you’ve entered a public restroom, noticed the cleanest toilet seat and still laid out the toilet paper over it before sitting - every time to say the least.

For others, it tends to become more complex. In an attempt to avoid germs, many end up squatting over it! Not only does it make the thighs sore, but also - let's face it - is not the best idea.

Of course, the actions remain questionable as to what is the need for it? But the bigger question here is - Are the public toilets really clean to use normally?

It has more to do with the perception than just how tidy and fragrant they are. The very term “public” makes any woman squirm with disgust. Though the washrooms in malls, workspaces, and restaurants have a dedicated staff to look after the hygiene, proper functionality and toilet supplies, yet the reality is different.

In all honesty, it may sound a little extreme that using a public washroom makes you prone to catching sexually transmitted diseases, because there are not many cases that surface due to this reason. However, even if a fraction of women who have suffered or have caught such a disease, it definitely rings an alarm for the rest of us.

It is not a time to live in denial and sweeping this issue under the carpet. Infections are very common and can be dealt with oral medication or female hygiene wellness products. But it should not make us ignorant towards our intimate health. Even a clean toilet seat can’t be relied upon. And the way we still put tissue papers over it, tells a lot about how much we trust them.

At times, we need more than just assurance. We need a guaranteed solution.

Temporary and ineffective aids fail to provide safety from UTIs and STDs. A toilet seat is a hub of germs that makes us a vulnerable target and therefore, we recommend a safe, easy and travel-friendly solution - Hyge Toilet Seat Sanitizer.

That means the best way to prevent falling prey is just a 2-step process away!

Hyge gives you a 100% guarantee to overcome any speed bumps that come between you and a hassle-free toilet experience. Simply spray Hyge Toilet Seat Spray over the seat before use, wait for a few seconds and you’re good to go.

If you have some ways which you have tried or you are still using to safeguard yourself in public toilets, please share it in the comment section.


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