What To Look For In A Toilet Sanitizer

In a total lifespan of 80 years, an individual normally spends around 13 months in the toilet. Personal hygiene is the most crucial to maintaining, especially outdoors.  When you suddenly get a call from Nature, you can’t help but rush to the toilet for some relief. What would you do if the toilets are dirty? Obviously, you are in a state of a dilemma; because you need to use the toilet but can’t get exposed to diseases like diarrhea and Urinary Tract Infections. That’s when a toilet seat sanitizer comes to your rescue. A premium disinfectant, the toilet sanitizer spray is your ultimate travel partner for daunting restrooms in public spaces.

Toilet seat sanitizers are the new age methods of disinfecting a toilet seat for a safe toilet experience. Gone are the days when toilet papers and water used to clean toilet seats. Though there is no residual left with toilet papers, germs still persist, leading to infectious diseases.

Features of a toilet seat sanitizer:

  • A toilet sanitizer spray is nothing but a quick action formula that forms a protective layer around the toilet seat, so that the skin doesn’t come in contact with it, in any case, and provides a hassle-free toilet experience.
  • The sanitizer can be used anywhere, including schools, airports, colleges, railway stations, cinema halls, pubs, restos and many other public spaces and is travel-friendly.
  • The sanitizer is not only for the toilet seat but for any other element in the restroom that could have germs. For example, faucets, door handles and flush buttons can also be sprayed with the sanitizer to ensure a germ-free toilet experience.

There are a lot of companies endorsing toilet sprays, making a lot of options available for the consumers. So while you’re shopping for your toiletry needs, look for these elements in a toilet sanitizer spray:

  • The toilet seat sanitizer spray must contain Iso Propyl Alcohol and Benzalkonium Chloride. These two chemicals are the prerequisites that initiate fast action while you disinfect your seat.
  • Look for a spray that kills 99.99% of the germs, so that you can use public toilets without any worries.
  • Pick a spray that has a five-second formula that kills germs and leaves no residue, and all you need to do is shake, spray, wait and use.
  • Before buying the Best toilet seat sanitizer India, make sure you read the reviews of the product.
  • Compare toilet seat sanitizers in terms of price, quality, quantity and most importantly germ protection.


Hygiene is an important factor for a better living and given the condition of Indian toilets, one can do nothing but taking a pledge to maintain toilets and carry toilet seat sanitizers for a safe toilet experience wherever you go.

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