Why Are UTI's More Common During Pregnancy?

Why are UTI's more common during pregnancy?

UTI’s or the urinary tract infections reflects the bacterial inflammation colonising your urinary tract. Concerning the specific category of population, pregnant women are at a higher risk for UTI development. Urinary Tract Infections appears to be one of the most common pregnancy-related problems as it involves changes in the urinary tract.

Some of the signs and symptoms you need to be aware of:

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  • Irresistible pain or sensation of burning while you urinate.
  • You are prone to developing UTI when you feel the need to urinate more than often.
  • Blood or mucus is marking its presence in your urine.
  • In case if you wake up in the middle of your sleep to urinate.
  • Cloudy appearance of urine coupled with a foul smell.

What are the chances of UTI in pregnant women affecting her unborn baby?

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In the case of untreated UTI, you are likely to suffer from a kidney infection. These infections to your kidney may subject you for early labour pains and a lower birth weight of your foetus. However, in the case of early UTI detection, your medical practitioners may help you to treat your UTI’s with the help of antibiotics.

How can you prevent yourself from falling prey to UTI?

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Regular use of toilet seat sanitizer is the best way to protect yourself from developing UTI. UTI Toilet seat sanitizers today, you can see the Indian market loaded with heaps of toilet seat sanitizer manufacturing brands. To raise its worth, every manufacturing brand promulgates their products with 100 per cent quality assurance.

Why prefer the use of toilet seat sanitizer spray to control the UTI associated complications in pregnant women?

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Majority of the toilet seat sanitizer spray which we get in the Indian markets undergoes clinical testing or trial and are scientifically reckoned to kill around 99.99 per cent germs. Irrespective of its bactericidal and germicidal action, toilet sanitizers destroy all the endospores. Endospores are only destroyed with the help of the higher temperature of the boiling water. Before the evolution of these toilet sanitizer sprays, it was practically impossible to degrade the endospore.

Entirely safe for human hands and skin: The best toilet seat manufacturers are keen on developing products which are 100 per cent safe for human handling. As a nozzle accompanies them, there are no chances of the sanitizer from coming in contact with the human skin.

Major contributors for eliminating the harmful coliform count from marking its presence on the toilet seat:

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Have you ever wondered that your toilet seat might be a favourite habitat for the growth of coliforms? The components of toilet seat sanitizers work with the dissembling cellular components of coliforms. As a result, the reproduction and hence multiplication cycle of coliforms is severely affected and ceases to reproduce further.

These are the chief reasons standing behind the rising insurgency of toilet seat sanitizers for controlling the UTI in pregnant women.

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