Workplace After COVID-19 Lockdown: 5 Important Points To Take Care Of.

Corona i.e. COVID-19 is the biggest pandemic humanity has ever faced. The whole world has come to a halt and every one of us has been affected in some manner due to this pandemic. Over 4 billion population of the world is under lockdown in their home. But, what's coming next after this lockdown? What about the workplace after COVID-19 lockdown?

This is also buzzing around that it's going to be a different world post lockdown.

There will a drastic change in human behavior. Personal hygiene and sanitization will become an integral part of everyone's life.

In India specifically, post the lockdown period is going to be very crucial.

As lockdown will be lifted in a phased manner and economic activity will be reinstated, companies have to be extra cautious to protect their workplaces and workforce from the virus or any viral infections.

Be it offices, manufacturing units or shopping centers, sanitization and physical distancing will have to be pursued religiously.

Now, let's see what are the arrangements the administration needs to make to prevent the COVID at the workplace after COVID-19 lockdown?

  •  Get the thermal scanner installed at the entrance:

Temperature readers are essential to keep an eye on the employee's health condition. It will instantly help to trace if someone is suffering from viral flu, which will cut the chances of further spread amongst other employees.

  •  Reduced occupancy at the workplace:

Post lockdown(social distancing), proper physical distancing will be required when we are back to work. In a manufacturing unit or shopping centers, an alternate roaster can be planned, however in offices, work from home can be a viable option for those whose work can be remotely executed and monitored.

  • Recommended to have a medical team with basic facility:

Earlier also, many companies had the medical facility available at premises, but now it should not be compromised. There should be a routine test periodically at the workplace by this team so that any spread can be avoided.

  •  Hygiene & Sanitization:

Personal and public hygiene both are of high importance to safeguard from viral infections.

Proper sanitization of the workplace is very important. There are common areas where guests also walk in and use, such as Office reception, conference room, cafeterias, washrooms, etc. these areas must be equipped with good quality alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

In washrooms, Hyge toilet seat & surface sanitizer spray are recommended, which is Isopropyl alcohol enriched and also has a mild refreshing fragrance.

  • Travel arrangements for employees:

However, this option might look a costly one on the finance side, but to avoid any chances of infection during travel in public transport, companies can resort to it for their staff pick up & drop, till the time there is a medication available for the COVID.
There is a better option if companies emphasize their employee to use personal conveyance.

So, these are the five broad areas to look at while going to restore the office operation.

What you think can be added to the list, please share it in the comment section.

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