Can You Have Sex With A UTI?

UTI is the infection which can happen to both men and women. For women, there are strong chances to get infected due to the shorter distance of the urethra. There are several things which one should follow for the health and eliminates the risk of getting infected. UTI  is common, one of the major cause of happening of this infection is due to the often use the public toilet. Public toilets are not hygienic but there is a need to use because it is harmful to control for the longer period of time. Toilet sanitizer spray is the option which makes the toilet seat germ-free.   

Link Between UTI And Sex

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Although UTI symptoms are quite irritating but, it is not something which will prevent you from having sex. Sexual activity can irritate the tissue a bit more. There are even chances to catch the infection because sex will push the bacteria ahead which will take shape of UTI. To avoid the infection, it is suggested to take precautions and prevent the UTI by adding the Best toilet seat sanitizer India in the lifestyle. It is helpful and much appealing to safety. It counts in the best precautions to avoid infections like UTI.

Things To Keep In Mind

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If you make your mind to have sex by accepting the fact that either you or your partner is UTI infected, there are some pointers to keep in mind before the intercourse.

  • Use the toilet before and after intercourse
  • Wash gently after the intercourse
  • Don’t swap orifices
  • Have protected intercourse
  • Don’t rush

What to Do When you Have UTI

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Having UTI is a big thing to deal with but, it is the sound which is most common in people nowadays. This infection takes place at certain levels and affects the different area. The pain of this infection varies from the area which is affected. Most commonly the UTI affects the bladder infection which is called cystitis, urethra infection which is called urethritis and a kidney infection which is called pyelonephritis. Taking correct measures while you suffer from the infection is vital. Water intake will help you wipe off the infection. Using the washroom often is quite irritating but don’t stay away from the water, the irritation of using the washroom is temporary which will cure the UTI for a lifetime. Strictly stay away from the alcohol and the coffee intake. Doctors recommend that strictly stay away from the spicy food, sweet food, alcohol, coffee, and bad readymade juices. Keeping an eye on the diet will help you get rid of this problem in the short period of time.

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