Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash Cleanser- 500ml

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hyge vegetable fruits pulses wash organic cleanser
  • India's first Organic Anti-microbial Cleanser for all vegetables, fruits & pulses
  • With Goodness of Silver nanoparticles & Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Kills 99.99% not just Bacteria, but also Flu Virus & Fungus(lab tested)
  • Removes toxic Pesticides, Polish, Wax & Dirt
  • Keeps you and your family Safe, Fit & Healthy
  • Preserves the natural goodness & Makes it truly eatAble
  • Super easy to use: Mix, Soak, Rub & Rinse
  • Just 1Cap is sufficient in 2litre of water

Approval & Certifications:

Why Use Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash?

Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash is a 100% natural Antimicrobial cleanser for vegetables, fruits and pulses that washes away germs, pesticides, polish, wax, other contaminants and impurities. It kills 99.99% not just bacteria, but also Virus and fungus.

As everyone knows and also revealed in many research & studies, any produce doesn’t reach your kitchen in its natural form because of chemicals used in its growth or preservation or further adulteration. Germs infections are also common in farms or more on retail shops where it comes in many contacts.

Whether be it germs or chemicals, they stay tightly on the surface of fruits and vegetables produce, and a normal wash can’t kill or remove them because of their such structure.

The impurities or contaminants not handled properly impacts human bodies and cause food-poising and other severe diseases.

Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash instantly removes harmful contaminants and impurities like pesticides, fungicide & herbicide residues, hazardous chemicals, waxes, dirt, oils & deadly pathogens like E. coli & Salmonella from the surfaces of vegetables, fruits and pulses, making them safe and hygienic to eat.

The uniquely conceived 100% Food grade ingredients in Hyge Organo Wash comprises adsorbents, surfactants and cleansing agents which work in tandem to effectively remove all surface contaminants and at the same time, to prevent re-contamination.

You’ll notice a clear difference in how your veggies and fruits look and feel, such as:
  • You’ll notice how easy it is to clean the dirt and grit off potatoes, spinach, lettuce, and other leafy greens.
  • Apples and other waxed produce washed with Hyge Organo Wash will appear clean and naturally shining because wax has been removed.
  • Broccoli and grapes will appear brighter.

It has been approved and certified for its effectiveness by several bodies after a series of tests.

Using Hyge Veg & Organo Wash in daily kitchen habits will ensure whole family’s protection from foodborne health problems and will help to live a safe, happy and healthy life.

Our Vision:

"We wish our world to be a hygienic and healthy place to live."

At Hyge, we are obsessively passionate about creating expert medicated solutions, made of ultra-efficient ingredients and inspired by the latest science and ancient Ayurveda - that safeguard your health & wellness with absolute safety for your family and no harm to our planet.

Every Hyge's product is designed to meet or exceed the internationally recognized regulatory standards. You can easily feel it when you use it. 

Direction to Use:

  • Mix 10ml(1 Cap) of Veg & Fru Organo Wash in 2 litre of water.
  • Soak the vegetables or fruits in the prepared solution for 2-3minutes.
  • Rub it thoroughly with your hands.
  • Put into an empty container and Wash under running water thoroughly. 

Now, It has become truly eatAble. 😊



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