Why Hyge Toilet Seat Sanitizer and not other surface disinfectant?

There is constant moisture around a toilet seat where deadly germs like Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, E. coli and Shigella bacteria, Hepatitis(virus) borns and proliferate.
Even that bad smell is there because of high amount of germs and bacteria.

Hyge anti-bacterial toilet seat sanitizer is specifically made to kill these germs, whereas other surface disinfectants are made for generic purpose and not so much effective on toilet germs.

Can I use it on other surfaces?

Yes. Apart from Toilet seat, it can be also used on door handles, toilet flush, faucets, dustbins, kitchen sink, bathroom taps, shower bases, pet beds couches, sofas mattresses, soft surfaces, upholstery, car seats, and other soft surfaces.

Is it effective on washroom odor as well?

Yes. its refreshing mild lemon fragrance effectively removes the bad odor.

Can we use commode immediately after spraying it or we have to wait for sometime?

It is recommended to wait for 10 seconds, so that it kills the bacteria and evaporates completely.

Does it feel some wetness on the toilet seat after using it?

No there is no such feel of wetness. it quickly evaporates within 10seconds of spray.

How many times this may be used and how much quantity we can get?

Just spray it once everytime before you go to the washroom. The quantity depends on the frequency of usages by an individual.


Since i don't go out much, it may last me for a long time. So would it evaporate or the shelf life shortened?

No, it will not evaporate if you keep it in normal room environment. As far as shelf life is concerned, it carries 2yrs of expiry from the mfg date.

Who can use it?

Hyge Spray can be used by male and female both.

Why Hyge spray if other surface disinfectant sprays are in market?

Because Hyge spray is an expert solution made specifically to kill the germs found in washrooms with deodorizing effect.

Can it be used in Indian toilets too?

Absolutely, Hyge spray is made to protect you from toilet infections. So use it in any form of washroom. Just spray, wait for 5-10 sec, sit.