Is it effective on Flu Virus?

Yes, Hyge veg & fur organo wash is equally effective on all types of flu virus.

What is Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash Exactly?

Hyge Organo wash is a natural cleanser to wash vegetables, fruits and pulses which easily kills all germs and removes all dirts and chemicals – that a normal
water wash cannot.

What is Hyge Veg & Fru Wash made of?

Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash is made from 100% Food Grade Ingredients – such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Silver nanoparticles(ayurvedic name Rajat Bhashma), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Extract, Azadirachta Indica, Decyl Glucoside, Potassium Sorbate, Polysorbate 20

Why Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash was made?

In a study, it was found that approx. 96% of the Indian consumers wash their raw foods with water alone. But we all know that any produce doesn’t reach our kitchen without any adulteration or contamination.

Furthermore, the prevalence of pesticides that cause pulmonary distress or immunodeficiency on the one hand and the unsanitary handling of fruits & vegetables by several individuals on the other, clearly called for a whole new approach especially during the pandemic.

That’s why we made Hyge Veg & Fru Organo wash –a 100% natural Antimicrobial cleanser – made of 100% food grade ingredients.

It has been tested thoroughly for its efficacy and on approvals & certifications it’s now available for every consumer.

What it does?

Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash instantly removes harmful contaminants and impurities like pesticides, fungicide & herbicide residues, hazardous chemicals, waxes, dirt, oils & deadly pathogens like E. coli & Salmonella from the surfaces of vegetables, fruits and pulses, making them safe and hygienic to eat.

How does it kills germs and removes impurities?

The uniquely conceived suspension in Hyge Organo Wash comprises adsorbents, surfactants and cleansing agents which work in tandem to effectively remove all surface contaminants and at the same time, to prevent re-contamination.

Do I need to use Hyge Organo Wash even in the produce is to be cooked?

Most governmental agencies and health experts recommend washing all fresh produce properly, regardless of how it is to be cooked. Hyge Organo Wash makes food clean and hygienic.

How Hyge Organo Wash is different from Chlorine based products?

Chlorine is a harsh chemical and is NOT good for health. It is only able to kill certain specific types of bacteria. It is ineffective at removing almost all pesticide residues and may in fact may leave its own undesirable residue. Chlorine reacts with organic matter (dead bacteria, etc.) to create trihalomethane by-products which may cause bladder cancer and harden arteries of the heart, leading in turn to unwelcome heart attacks, over a period of time.

Can I use Hyge Organo Wash on Organic Produce Grown at Home?

Yes! Because the word ‘organic’ does not necessarily mean clean. Almost all organically grown produce makes use of naturally occurring fertilizers such as manure, which might containparticulate matter adverse to human health. Hyge Organo Wash helps remove all such unwanted contaminants on your produce, including residual dirt.

Can I wash my produce with Hyge Organo wash before storing it?

Yes. Infact that is the best recommended process by experts because it will prevent the cross contamination of foods.

Is there any aftertaste or smell of Hyge Organo Wash on produce?

Not at all. Proper Rinsing of produce under running water after soaking it inHyge Organo Wash mixture leaves no residue, aftertaste or smell of its own.

How do I know if Hyge Organo Wash is working?

You’ll notice a clear difference in how your produce looks and feels. For instance:

- You’ll notice how easy it is to clean the dirt and grit offpotatoes, spinach, lettuce, and other leafy greens.

- Broccoli and grapes will appear brighter.

- Apples and other waxed produce washed with Hyge Organo Wash will appear clean and less shiny because wax has been removed.

- Many fruits and vegetables washed with Hyge Organo Wash will have a clean feel.

Is peeling off required after washing with Hyge Organao Wash?

When the purpose of peeling is to eliminate surface residues - including waxes - that are not removed by water alone, using Hyge Organo Wash can eliminate the need for peeling.

What about the pesticides inside the produce?

The most fatal are pre-harvest and post-harvest chemical sprays which are done just 10-15 days prior to reaching your kitchen. These chemicals are not easily degraded over such a short period of time. Hence vegetables and fruits end up on your plate contaminated with these surface chemicals. The residues inside are much lesser than those on the surface. It is however generally wise to wash the surfaces of fruits & veggies thoroughly with Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash to reduce the overall chemical load.

Can I wash meat, fish or poultry with Hyge Veg & Fru Organo Wash?

Yes, you may use it. But for best result and health benefits we have launched its separate variant - Hyge Meat & Fish Organo Wash.

A scientific study published in the May 2019 issue of Acta Scientific Microbiology, for example, reported the shocking discovery that samples of chicken meat (as also eggs) collected from 12 different locations in Mumbai were significantly contaminated with multi-antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Salmonella species, in particular). Very alarmingly, these included resistance to erythromycin and azithromycin, listed as critically important antibiotics under the highest priority, by the WHO. Independent studies have reported similar findings from other Indian cities, encompassing mutton and fish alike.

The regular use of ‘Hyge Meat & Fish Organo Wash’ for meat and poultry’ can help you effectively circumvent infections that can be very difficult to treat, by eliminating them at their very source.